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Web technology Proficiency
Hands-On Coding Experience
Cutting-Edge Technology Training

SamMegh Sikshan

  • Full stack development training
  • Industry Internship - work experience on real-time projects
  • Placement Opportunities



Who Are We?

SamMegh Technologies offers a comprehensive and hands-on approach to industrial training in the IT sector.
The unique aspects of our training program includes
 Expert-Led Training: "Learn from industry experts with over 9 years of hands-on experience in the IT world."
 Job-Market-Focused Curriculum: "We teach what the job market needs, ensuring our students are equipped with the latest skills and technologies."
 Innovative Web Development Technologies: "Specializing in cutting-edge web development technologies to prepare you for the future of IT."
 Technical Mastery: "Master the technical aspects of your job through our comprehensive technical training."

What Do We Cater?

SamMegh offers internships, training, and placement opportunities in FullStack development

Mode Of Training
Online mode of training
Offline mode of training

Training Phase

  Online Technical Training
  Training happens through LMS.
  Students have the options of below courses:
      Frontend Development.
      Backend Development
      Full stack development
Live sessions
Notes/Reading materials topic wise.
  Syllabus copy.
  Recorded class videos.
  Mini Projects.

Project Phase

Internship - Hands on experience on real-time industry projects.
Based on the course chosen, students will have to work on the similar projects (web app development).
  Projects will we assigned, there willbe a mentor for each teams.
  Internship letter/certificate.
  Project experience letter.


  Placement opportunity.
  Resume building activity, mock CRT Training (C - Campus R - Recruitment T - Training) Soft skills, Employment Skills, and Aptitude Skills, mock interview preparation Placement
Placement opportunity
Resume building activity, mock interviews
  We are tied up with various companies/start ups for placements. The jobs will be posted in the LMS and students can apply for the same .

Courses We Offer

Offline Program


We at SamMegh Sikshan provide a holistic learning experience to students. We teach what the job market needs. Students get the bellow benefits:

      Online Training on Full Stack Development
      Real-Time Project Work (Internship)
      Placement Opportunities
      CRT Program (Campus Recruitment Training ) (Aptitude , Soft Skills)
     Interview Preparation (Mock Interviews, Resume Building )

Online Program


We at SamMegh Sikshan provide a holistic learning experience to students. We teach what the job market needs. Students get the bellow benefits:

      Online Training on Full Stack Development
      Real-Time Project Work (Internship)
      Placement Opportunities
      CRT Program (Campus Recruitment Training ) (Aptitude , Soft Skills)
     Interview Preparation (Mock Interviews, Resume Building )

Our Courses


FullStack Development


Digital Marketing


Data Science & Data Analysis

Course Flow

  • 8 Weeks Of Online Training From Industry Experts.

    Live sessions conducted by industry experts on everyday basis. We give students lifetime access to recorded videos and study materials. We teach what the job market needs. Weekly assignments and topic-relevant mini-projects assigned to students.

  • Work On Live Projects (Real Time Industry Projects)

    Real-time Projects are doomed to take action as a connection between academic learning and handy execution. Students will get exposure to the real work environment. They will get in-depth knowledge about the entire product and know each and every step of the development process.

  • Get Training Certificate And Experience Letter Upon Completion Of The Program.

    After you finish a course and the project assigned, you will get tangible proof of your efforts & gained skills. Your personal Certificate of Completion and Experience letter will be sent directly to your email address.

  • Resume Building and Mock Interviews support by SamMegh Team

  • Placement Opportunities To Students.

    Creating job opportunities by working closely with Partners, understanding their requirements and mapping students and graduates to these requirements.

Industry Projects worked by students:


Inventory management software is a tool that helps businesses track stock levels, manage orders, sales,purchase, report generation and deliveries. This is suited for managing inventory and sales if you are running a small business of buying products from suppliers and selling to customers. This retail helps knowing the inventory levels of each product and understanding which products to re-order.


Restaurants are gearing up for success in the post-COVID era by capitalizing on contactless technology. The contactless dining approach that was necessitated by the pandemic is expected to be a key feature of restaurants long into the future. Now eateries of all types are getting creative with their contactless dining menus to improve the experience for diners and restaurants alike.


The sugar cane management system is the system that is proposed for avoiding the corruption that occurred at the sugar factory. At times it is experienced that the records related to farmers are maintained at a couple of different departments and requires integration of the same through the entire business process of the factory.


Mapping is a central function of the Geographic Information System, which provides a visual interpretation of data. GIS store data in database and then represent it visually in a mapped format. People from different professions use maps to communicate.


An eCommerce platform is a software application that helps online businesses to manage their website, sales, marketing, and operations. It allows you to sell your good and services online easily. The platform takes care of order tracking, payments, refunds, replacement processes. It also provides you monthly, weekly, or yearly profit or loss reports


Find Employers Hiring and Professionals Available for hire. This construction bidding app is very detailed and easy to navigate. Use the drop-down menu to select a state or province to start your search. Once you make a selection, you will land on a dashboard that is very detailed. You see a list of all current commercial construction projects in the location you selected.


Analytical dashboards are often developed by analysts and data scientists as a tool to support department managers or other senior managers. However, unlike the executive dashboard, analytical dashboards typically contain larges amounts of information, large data sets and are more complex and less clear-cut in structure than other types of dashboards. The major distinctive feature of an analytical dashboard is that, of the four types of dashboards, it is the one that makes the most use of historical data.


Learning is the core of delivering any educational or training program by an individual. The system is nothing but an e-platform to deliver the learning programs. A robust teaching-learning platform that helps institutions manage academics in a systematic manner by maintaining detailed records of classroom activities & enhances teacher-student collaboration with digital platforms.


Labeling systems are used to apply preprinted labels to products, individual packages, cartons, cases and pallet loads to identify those unique items. They are also often used to apply labels to products in order to promote the manufacturer's brand image.

Recent events


Students Feedback

Ambareen Shehla

1. From day 1 I m experiencing a learning atmosphere. 2.Doubt are clarified. 3.classNamees and assessments are organized.

Abhishek Rao

lam so far happy with the course and able to implement the concepts practically. I also think this course will help me alot.

Biswa Ranjan Panda

Course coverage and teaching has been Excellent. The Assignments given are very good as they allow me to look for ways to do the same and complete it in a better way. So for me everything is going in a well-mannered, well-paced way

At CEO's Desk

Sachin Vaidya
Sachin Vaidya
Founder, CEO at SamMegh

Sachin Vaidya founded SamMegh Technologies with his commitment to service delivery in the software industry by building high-fidelity applications. Sachin worked as core team member for company called as AmberTag Analytics, and was happy deliverying the product development for multiple sectors, which helped the company to grow to greater heights. He is also a part of analytics startup Ltree Antz Lab LLP and helped many other startups to build the technical team. Sachin is passionate about training students on various Software Skills with social commitment for bridging gap between the output of educational institutions and demanding needs of software industry which helps students to acquire jobs across IT sector.

Why Sammegh?

 Cutting-Edge Technologies: We focus on trending technologies in the job market.
 Experienced Industry Experts: Our students receive training from IT professionals with 5+ years of hands-on experience.
 Dynamic Front and Back-End Development Ecosystem: The constantly evolving landscape is addressed through comprehensive programs.
 Prominence of React, Express.JS, and Node.JS: These technologies are central to our curriculum due to their widespread use in the industry.
 Industry Adoption: Giants like Apple, Netflix, Paypal, etc., leverage React, Express.JS, and Node.JS in their software productions.
 Inclusive Internship Opportunities: Open to students from any educational background, no prior knowledge required.
 Relevance in Growing Software Development Industry: With the industry's rapid growth, choosing the right framework is crucial for web application development.



Is the training offline or online?
The training is online, happens through zoom or google meets.
Is it paid or unpaid internship?
Depends on the clients you will be working for. Some students have got paid for their work and some students havent. But at the end of program everyone will get internship certificate and experience letter.
I am a BCOM student, Can I join too?
Yes, we teach from basics so anyone can join.
Is placement guranteed?
Depends on students performance. We give support like mock interviews preparation , resume building etc.


Weekly Seminars

We conduct seminars with many dignitaries to share valuable information with our students.


Free Resume Building classNamees

We help students in building their professional resumes so that they stand out well in impressing recruiters


Assistance to final year project.

We allow students to get their final year project done with us by working on realtime software projects which will enhance their skills.


  Work From Home, Flexible Working Hours.
 Technical support and Personal Mentor.
  Hands-on Experience on Live Projects.
  Provide learners hands-on practice within a real job situation.
  Provide a comprehensive learning platform to students where they can enhance their employability skills and become job-ready along with real corporate exposure.
  Cultivate student’s leadership ability and responsibility to perform or execute the given task